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Today, June 5th, 2018, is World Environment Day. Yes, everyday has it's own national or global purpose now. However, one like World Environment Day, should be celebrated everyday. I know, it sounds cliche. But, it is true. The environment brings forth life to all organisms creating plant and animal matter. We as humans, have destroyed much of the planet through our quest for profit. #newblogpost #newblogger #environmentalblog #nomoreplastic #endplastic #worldenvironmentday #worldenvironmentday2018 #saveourplanet #recyclereusereduce #freedom_preservationofthewild
New brand ambassador for @sand_cloud !! You guys know I’m all about saving the planet in every respect! I just ordered this awesome and convienent towel backpack!! Florida living this is a necessity. I used to own one, but a friend borrowed it lol. Glad to be getting a new one!! Motto: #savethefishes #proceedsforocean #foragoodcause #saveouroceans #brandambassador #sandcloudambassador #beachready #floridalivin
Appreciating nature in the best way!! #beachbums #protectouroceans #dogambassadors #saveourplanet #weallenjoyit #freedom_preservationofthewild @tolkientheadventurer
Did you know May is called "Wetlands Month"?! I wish I knew earlier that it was #WetlandsMonth! My entire passion and reason for going to law school is to protect the Everglades. Once, one of the largest wetlands in the state of Florida and in the world!! While in law school I wrote my upper level writing requirement on the everglades and restoring it. [ 738 more words ] #wetlandsmonth #protectourwetlands #everglades #restoretheeverglades #freedom_preservationofthewild #newblogpost #newblogger #checkoutnewblog #wordpressblogger #environmentallaw #animallaw #floridaliving
These taste fahmazing!! Yes, fah...mazing! I never really loved hotdogs growing up, but I did eat a lot of those processed ones that were chicken that my mom would make for me. I pretty much went rogue Vegan when I was in middle school. It was a choice and it was great with the support I had from my friends that were like minded. [ 311 more words ] #veggiehotdog #vegan #meatlessmonday #meatlessmondaychronicles #freedom_preservationofthewild #saveourplanet #youarewhatyoueat #healthylifestyle #newblogpost #newblogger #recipeup!! #yum
Homemade vegan peanut butter cups!! Three ingredients of deliciousness and good for you!! #vegan #veganrecipes #veganreesescups #darkchocolate #organicpeanutbutter #yummy #healthy #healthsnacks #proteinacked #nomnomnom #newblogpost #monday #meatlessmondaychronicles #upcoming #checkoutnewblogpost #freedom_preservationofthewild

I’m back!

Well, I started this blog and I thought it was a great idea and I still do, but time flew by!! Quick mini update: I quit my job, packed all my stuff, moved to Orlando, and started Law School! Pretty much from August I was lost in legal world and learning the jargon! Great news, I’m pursing what I love and my passion for animals will lead to my career. I would love to advocate for animals rights and become an Animal and Environmental Lawyer!! So my blog will continue to be about amazingly delicious vegetarian dishes, animal compassion and education! That’s all for now!


13 comments on “I’m back!

  1. LawToyaTalks says:

    Congrats on starting law school! I live in Orlando but will be moving to illinois for law school in August!

    1. Oh Wow! Congratulations on your new beginning!! It’s a crazy journey! I kinda have a love hate with Orlando lol. I’m trying to find a new place! I’m so sorry for responding so late. I’m still trying to understand this website lol!

      1. LawToyaTalks says:

        it’s okay! I understand life is hectic lol. I feel the Same about Orlando, I’m so ready to move !

      2. Meanwhile, I’m stuck here two more years! Lol

      3. LawToyaTalks says:

        Lol its okay. I’ve been here for 4 years & it’s definitely interesting. If you have free time there’s lots of hidden gems in the winter park area !

      4. Apartments or houses? Or in general lol? I’ve been trying to find a house to rent. Apartments are built horribly these days.

      5. LawToyaTalks says:

        Lol I meant in general. Lots of nice houses there as well though it might be a little pricey but in Orlando you get what you pay for lol

      6. Yea, that is what I am noticing. I almost contemplated buying a place, but I don’t know if I will be here after law school.

      7. LawToyaTalks says:

        Yea that would be intense!

      8. LawToyaTalks says:

        Are you working in Orlando this summer?

      9. I’m taking summer classes and remote interning.

      10. LawToyaTalks says:

        Ohh Remote intern ! That sounds cool lol. I would love to talk with you about how law school has been so far, maybe you could share some tips? I’m kind of freaking out about the whole thing lol.

      11. Lol sure! and there’s no need to freak out!

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