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Here is my fur child, I have decided to make Tuesday’s #TolkienTuesdays because he is my special man. Yes, he is named after the author because I loved his writing. . . . . . #tolkientheadventurer #furchild #newpostdedication #dogsofinstagram #freedom_preservationofthewild
I'mmmmm baaacckk!!! Guess what that means?! More fun recipes. Yes, I know my last food post was about salads, but it only seems fitting that my first post of the year, be about salads. We are all eating better for different reasons: to lose weight, to just eat healthy, for blood pressure, heartburn and any other reason.
I have had to continue to inspire myself and come up with more innovative ways to eat plant based. IT is not easy. I am going on 3 solid months of no meat consumption. I must say, how proud I am of my self.
Check out my lunch I made at work today. Yes, I made this whole salad. with all the components. 
Anything can be an amazing in salads, you just have to get creative! I made this all at work. I took a whole avocado and cut it, strawberries, cut cucumbers, carrots, walnuts, dried cranberries, avocado, and spinach. It seems so simple, but this is so delicious.
What do you put on your salads? Tell me in the comments! I'd love to here you absolute favorite!! . . . . . . . #meatlessmondaychronicles #meatlessmonday #onesmallstep #nomeaty #vegetarian #vegan #plantbased #freedom_preservationofthewild
I’m a day late, but yesterday, March 3rd was World Wildlife Day. The United Nations decides to proclaim March 3rd, which is also the day of the convention on International Trade in Endangered Species or Wild Fauna and Flora. The purpose of World Wildlife Day is to raise awareness of the words beautiful species both plant and animal life. All life is prescious. Our world relies on intricate ecosystem that support each other’s existence. It is the ever changing nature and balance between these ecosystems that we see life and purity. Keeping the “wild” protected is safer for the animals, but also for humans. Remove humans from the wilderness and most forms of life will thrive. This years theme is “Life below water: for people and planet” . . . . . . #worldwildlifeday #worldwildlifeday #lifebelowwater #protectouroceans #savetheplanet #environmental #evironmentalblogger #blogger #newblogpost #unitednations
Strawberries are changing shapes!! . . . . . . #strawberries #weirdshapes #fruit #crayfruita #mealprepsunday #fruitsfordays #plantbased #nomeat #meatlessmondaychronicles
Powerful. Their lives are not more important than our own. We share this planet. We have babies, just the same. They only want to live and watch their families exist. . . Animals do not understand why humans make their choices. Why humans cause their destruction. Why humans enjoy torturing them. Why humans must expand and continue to take everything. No more wildlife, no more natural lands, no more “never been touched by humans” lands. Just a world where humans seek control. To continue to destroy and cause destruction. . . Animals deserve better caretakers and stewards of the earth. They deserve better. . . . . . . . #freedom_preservationofthewild #protectourplanet #animalsdeservebetter #wedonotownanimals #thearthiseveryone #earthbelongstoallofus #sentientbeings #endpoaching #endhunting #endbrutality #humansthefuckedupspecies
I started using an all new vegan hair care product! Please DM for more info. I just want to save the world and that includes in the products I use, purchase and good for my body. - . . . . . #vegan #veganhaircare #crueltyfree #noparabens #nosulfates #goodforyou #selfcare #savetheplanet #askmemore

Dire need of Food!

Well, it’s great to be back from Pensacola, Fl!! FYI, it was a six and half hour trek from Orlando with way too many stops for gas!! Meanwhile, Mr. Tolkien got to enjoy a lot of sleep time. Bless his heart for putting up with me! Lol. He was fantastic though and I definitely hope to be able to bring him on more work trips!

Now, the best part of being home, is food! Not spending money on something you think might be good, but just being able to make it and know it’s good ingredients!

Here’s a fast and simple sandwich type meal.


Morning Star Chik Patties (or any brand of nonmeat patties-there’s a lot!)

Stonefire Roasted Garlic Naan

-Cheese slices (farmers market quality, humane dairy farm aka local, or vegan cheese)

Yasss, three ingredient, protein packed meal!! Say whaaaat.

I grabbed Morning Star Original Chik Patties. These are vegetarian must haves ! Grabbed one out of the freezer and threw it in a small nonstick pan. (No oil, but you can add some olive or coconut oil). Pretty much cooked at medium heat for 3-5 minutes each side, color depends on your preference. I like toasty lol.

Next, I heated the Stonefire Roasted Garlic Naan on another skillet with no oil or butter. ( You can add these things if you want more flavor.) Additional note: I am Indian and I could technically make the Roti, Naan, Bake etc by scratch, but this is an awesome quick go to!! They’re found near the bakery or deli areas of supermarkets!

Then I grabbed my cheese sitting at room temperature. (Tip: have the cheese or vegan cheese sit out to room temperature, this helps make it melt easier when on warm food!)

I’m a cheesy gal, so, I used two slices. I cut the heated Naan in half. Placed a slice of cheese down, then my Chik Pattie, and then my other slice of cheese and the half of Naan! Now, I got me a Naanwich!! Now, this recipe can totally be spruced up with more ingredients: tomatoes, lettuce, avocado, hummus, pesto… I can go on forever lol!

Extremely flavorful in a short amount of time. Good for you too!

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