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Today, June 5th, 2018, is World Environment Day. Yes, everyday has it's own national or global purpose now. However, one like World Environment Day, should be celebrated everyday. I know, it sounds cliche. But, it is true. The environment brings forth life to all organisms creating plant and animal matter. We as humans, have destroyed much of the planet through our quest for profit. #newblogpost #newblogger #environmentalblog #nomoreplastic #endplastic #worldenvironmentday #worldenvironmentday2018 #saveourplanet #recyclereusereduce #freedom_preservationofthewild
New brand ambassador for @sand_cloud !! You guys know I’m all about saving the planet in every respect! I just ordered this awesome and convienent towel backpack!! Florida living this is a necessity. I used to own one, but a friend borrowed it lol. Glad to be getting a new one!! Motto: #savethefishes #proceedsforocean #foragoodcause #saveouroceans #brandambassador #sandcloudambassador #beachready #floridalivin
Appreciating nature in the best way!! #beachbums #protectouroceans #dogambassadors #saveourplanet #weallenjoyit #freedom_preservationofthewild @tolkientheadventurer
Did you know May is called "Wetlands Month"?! I wish I knew earlier that it was #WetlandsMonth! My entire passion and reason for going to law school is to protect the Everglades. Once, one of the largest wetlands in the state of Florida and in the world!! While in law school I wrote my upper level writing requirement on the everglades and restoring it. [ 738 more words ] #wetlandsmonth #protectourwetlands #everglades #restoretheeverglades #freedom_preservationofthewild #newblogpost #newblogger #checkoutnewblog #wordpressblogger #environmentallaw #animallaw #floridaliving
These taste fahmazing!! Yes, fah...mazing! I never really loved hotdogs growing up, but I did eat a lot of those processed ones that were chicken that my mom would make for me. I pretty much went rogue Vegan when I was in middle school. It was a choice and it was great with the support I had from my friends that were like minded. [ 311 more words ] #veggiehotdog #vegan #meatlessmonday #meatlessmondaychronicles #freedom_preservationofthewild #saveourplanet #youarewhatyoueat #healthylifestyle #newblogpost #newblogger #recipeup!! #yum
Homemade vegan peanut butter cups!! Three ingredients of deliciousness and good for you!! #vegan #veganrecipes #veganreesescups #darkchocolate #organicpeanutbutter #yummy #healthy #healthsnacks #proteinacked #nomnomnom #newblogpost #monday #meatlessmondaychronicles #upcoming #checkoutnewblogpost #freedom_preservationofthewild

Dire need of Food!

Well, it’s great to be back from Pensacola, Fl!! FYI, it was a six and half hour trek from Orlando with way too many stops for gas!! Meanwhile, Mr. Tolkien got to enjoy a lot of sleep time. Bless his heart for putting up with me! Lol. He was fantastic though and I definitely hope to be able to bring him on more work trips!

Now, the best part of being home, is food! Not spending money on something you think might be good, but just being able to make it and know it’s good ingredients!

Here’s a fast and simple sandwich type meal.


Morning Star Chik Patties (or any brand of nonmeat patties-there’s a lot!)

Stonefire Roasted Garlic Naan

-Cheese slices (farmers market quality, humane dairy farm aka local, or vegan cheese)

Yasss, three ingredient, protein packed meal!! Say whaaaat.

I grabbed Morning Star Original Chik Patties. These are vegetarian must haves ! Grabbed one out of the freezer and threw it in a small nonstick pan. (No oil, but you can add some olive or coconut oil). Pretty much cooked at medium heat for 3-5 minutes each side, color depends on your preference. I like toasty lol.

Next, I heated the Stonefire Roasted Garlic Naan on another skillet with no oil or butter. ( You can add these things if you want more flavor.) Additional note: I am Indian and I could technically make the Roti, Naan, Bake etc by scratch, but this is an awesome quick go to!! They’re found near the bakery or deli areas of supermarkets!

Then I grabbed my cheese sitting at room temperature. (Tip: have the cheese or vegan cheese sit out to room temperature, this helps make it melt easier when on warm food!)

I’m a cheesy gal, so, I used two slices. I cut the heated Naan in half. Placed a slice of cheese down, then my Chik Pattie, and then my other slice of cheese and the half of Naan! Now, I got me a Naanwich!! Now, this recipe can totally be spruced up with more ingredients: tomatoes, lettuce, avocado, hummus, pesto… I can go on forever lol!

Extremely flavorful in a short amount of time. Good for you too!

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